New Business Package / The Startup

This service is a a quick in and out consulting service. The pricing is fixed and the expectation is simple, Innovative Business Consulting will provide coaching and counseling through your startup process, typically 30 days. We will assist the new business owner in the process of incorporating, applying for FEIN number, establishing status, assisting in local licensing and permitting where required. Assist in basic marketing strategies and creating goals and a simple business plan regardless of the industry you are in.

Business Consulting / Companies looking for a Professional Coach

This service is typically a minimum of 90 days to as long as 1 year. Depending on what each client needs, the time required will be different. Whether you the business owner are looking to figure out why you can't grow or needing to find the edge to get you over the hump for a project you've been wanting to accomplish, IBS is here to help. In this level of service, we can assist in creating a better marketing strategy, using the all the new information about social media marketing and making your dollars work for you... Social Media marketing does work, you just have to know how to drive that car, we will show you the way.

Business Coaching / The Service that every Entrepreneur needs to get off the rut.

Having trouble with your business venture? Are you at the break of throwing in the towel. Can't seem to figure out why things are happening in your company? That is where we excel! This is a long drawn out service that is typically about 6 months to a year. IBS will come in and conduct a complete business analysis to view where the company is situated, economically, in branding, in cash flow and income to debt ratios. If we have to outsource some processes for example for manufacturing companies, we have Lean Six Sigma Black Belt consultants on the ready to get your company performing at top notch and make sure you are in the black. If you are a service industry, we can help you recover from what ever down turn you're in.


What? Did you say money back guarantee??? YES...  At Innovative Business Strategies, we are so confident of our service, that we provide you with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you apply our system that we set up for your business, if you don't see measurable improvements in your business, I will refund you 100% of the money you paid to our firm!! That is our promise! That keeps us on our toes and makes sure we are working 200% for your success.

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