About Us

Desire to grow

Our Vision

8 out of 10 new businesses won't survive the first 18 months. That statistic shouldn't look that way! Our vision is to help every aspiring new business owner get over the hurdles of their first year in business. Our goal is to assist every client get through the incorporation process, assisting in licensing where necessary, assisting in commercial property allocation and leasing. Provide every new business owner with a strong strategic marketing plan, assist each client with a solid but basic accounting process. We want to make sure that when the new business opens their doors, they are ready to receive those customers.

Our Specialty

  • Startup process
  • Tech Companies
  • Franchising
  • Construction
  • Lean Six Sigma Processes
  • Retail
  • Restaraunteur
  • 501c Nonprofit Organizations
  • Homebased
  • Professional Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Health and Fitness Organizations
  • Travel Industry


My story is no different than many entrepreneurs, we have a vision, we have plan and when it's time to implement, that's where it gets sticky. My first business was being the chief operating officer of a tech company in the late 90's. This company was an ISP, HP service center and a MS software training site, the company was booming and I made sure I over saw the day to day operations.

In 2000, I left the tech company and moved on to other ventures. I was in the real estate business helping landlords and tenants find each other. In 2005 I founded a landscape design firm where I invested $278.00 and using my lawn equipment from my house. I held the company for almost 10 years and during that time I was able to have gross sales in excess of $500k. In 2013, I sold the company for a nice profit.

During that same time, I founded a few other small project companies that have been sold off for a small profit or were companies that didn't do well because of bad planning or for lack of enthusiasm from the public. Those things do happen in real life! In late 2015 I invested into a franchise in the travel industry which I still manage till today. My 20+ years of experience brings a completely different perspective as it relates to the new business owner that has never done it before.

Meet The Team

Peter Aleman, LSSYB, CBC, CBCS

Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Miami, FL. Peter attended San Diego State University, majoring in business/finance and minor in marketing. Peter is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and Army National Guard, is currently a firefighter with the local fire rescue department for over 22 years. Peter is a franshisee owner in the travel industry and has been known as a serial entrepreneur. Peter loves to work with fellow first responders and veterans trying to start their own business. Peter is also now assisting aspiring new business owners realize their dream to be their own boss.

Nestor Tamayo

Digital Media Director and owner of eTradement


Expert in Communication Strategic Planning, Specialist in Marketing with 15 years’ experience in sectors like; consulting, marketing, advertising, and sports media. Wide experience in different markets and cultures; United States, Europe and Latin America. Natural leader to get the best of each member of the collaborators team and colleagues. Conceptual thinker, results oriented, prepared to work under pressure and in uncertain environments, resourceful, with outstanding capabilities to analyze complex market contexts and translate them into opportunities, powerful insights and concrete action plans. Experience and knowledge in definition of innovative marketing and communication strategies to seize opportunities and give new perspectives to the clients, the brands and products.

My Legal Team

Robert Gonzalez

Legal Counsel

Roberto Gonzalez is through and through a Miami Dade local. From the way he negotiates, to the small details he catches in the extensive contracts he reviews, his clients will tell you “Rob is definitely a Miami guy.” After attending Miami Coral Park Senior High, Rob gained valuable experience as a waiter, personal trainer, sales associate, handyman, construction worker and concierge at many local businesses throughout Doral and South Florida. These positions taught Rob two very valuable lessons; First, that he needed to finish school, and second, that the number one key to being a successful professional, no matter what industry you are in, is exceptional customer service.

Juan Perez

Legal Counsel

Juan J. Perez is 100% Cuban-American… sort of…  well, he was technically born in Costa Rica, but that’s a whole other story. His parents immigrated to the United States when Juan was only three years old and brought him up on three basic principles, 1) Work hard 2) Win! and 3) If you lose, try again! We didn’t come to America just so you can fail. This upbringing instilled a “never give up” mentality that Juan has used throughout his entire life. From receiving a high school diploma from Hialeah Senior High School, to graduating with honors from Florida International University and St. Thomas University School of Law, Juan works hard every step of the way and refuses to give up.

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