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Are you a new business owner scratching your head and asking yourself “How am I going to start my business?”

At Innovative Business Strategies, we are a consulting firm that specializes in new startups in the state of Florida. We primarily work with new business owners that have never had a business in the past, or have just recently got their business off the ground and need some specialized coaching. Our job or our mission is to help prepare the new business owner take on the complex world of incorporation From idea to opening your doors. Regarding the newly formed business, we sit down and go over current strategies and assist in making sure the company is moving in the right direction and coach the owner to be productive and profitable. Furthermore, Innovative Business Strategies is here to coach, mentor the new business owner in the maze that exists to make sure that your business takes off on the right f0ot. So call us today at 1-888-61STARTUP that’s 1-888-617-8278

Most noteworthy, did you know that 8 out of 10 new business won’t survive the first 5 years in business?

Here are a few more statistics for you.

  • A bit more than 50 percent of small businesses fail in the first four years.
  • In fact, of all small businesses started in 2011:
    • 4 percent made it to the second year
    • 3 percent made it to the third year
    • 9 percent made it to the fourth year
    • 3 percent made it to the fifth year
  • Leading causes of small business failure:
    • Incompetence: 46 percent;
    • Unbalanced experience or lack of managerial experience: 30 percent;
    • Catchall category (includes neglect, fraud, and disaster): 13 percent; and
    • Lack of experiences in line of goods or services: 11 percent.
Credit for the above information goes to Small biz trends.

The New Kid on the Block


Are you located in the South Florida area, are you looking to start your own business, but don’t know how? With Innovative Business Strategies, we are in business to guide you through the process of becoming a successful business owner any where in Dade County.

Some of the services provided at this level are:

  • Assist in the incorporation process
  • 1 on 1 coaching sessions
  • Assistance with occupational licensing
  • Assistance with commercial property acquisition
  • Assistance in developing a business plan
  • Assistance in developing a strategic marketing plan

These are just some of the services that IBS will assist you with.

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Looking To Grow

This level of service is for the business owner that just got off the ground, but is in need of some help before things go in the wrong direction. We provide solid business coaching and help in creating a solid marketing strategy that works for the individual business owner’s business model.

Some of the service provided at this level are:

  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Group session coaching
  • Workshops that identify specific needs
  • On site consulting.
  • Remaster a strategic marketing plan that works
  • creating metrics to measure production and completion of tasks

This level of service can be customized to the specific needs of the business.

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As a master business coach, this is where my expertise will come greatly into play. I will work with struggling companies, identify the issues and create a plan for the business that will allow them to grow and be prosperous once more.

This is a completely customized product and needs will be discussed during assessment of the individual and company.

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